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Message From the Principal


Brookside Place School is a special community of students, educators and families. It is my pleasure to serve as principal, a role I have enjoyed for nearly 16 years. The collaborative environment at BPS truly motivates me and keeps my passion for education burning bright. 


Within Cranford Public Schools and at Brookside Place School we strive to provide a learning environment that provides consistency while encouraging students to expand their thinking and experiences. Under the guidance and direction of our Board of Education, along with Superintendent Dr. Rubin and the entire administrative team, the Cranford School District has remained committed to implementing new and exciting endeavors at the district level that will certainly have a positive impact within all of the schools. 


Recently the district adopted an updated Strategic Plan which includes this mission statement:


Empowering students to thrive in a diverse and dynamic world


It is so helpful to have a shared vision as we work together to serve our students. The overarching areas included in the Strategic Plan, which begins this year and runs for the next five years, are:


  • enhancing stakeholder involvement in the process of supporting our students in a variety of ways,
  • reviewing and reflecting on creating personalized learning experiences to enhance engagement, achievement and satisfaction, 
  • using data to assist teachers in setting a plan in place for students that will tailor instruction to areas of strength and those needing additional attention 
  • and keeping the social/emotional well being of students as a priority to ensure students are able to BE HERE when it comes to placing their undivided attention on their learning growth as students and individuals. 


The BPS staff and I have already begun to dig in on these tasks and are excited about how they can help us define our efforts and help students learn and grow. We remain committed to challenging students to become highly proficient critical thinkers, problem solvers and life-long learners.


We also enjoy the support of a strong and active Parent Teacher Association (PTA) which supports our staff and offers many fun activities for students. Some favorites include special activities for each grade and seasonal celebrations.

Please know that my door is always open to our families and to the Cranford community at large. 


Michael Klimko 


Brookside Place School