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Message From the Principal

Brookside Place School is a special community of students, educators and families. It is my pleasure to serve as principal, a role I have enjoyed for nearly 15 years. As a part of Cranford Public Schools, our community follows the Full Value Model which seeks to create an environment and culture that encourages growth and learning. 

Full Value
Be Honest
Act with courage and integrity
Be Safe 
Be careful with each other's physical and emotional well-being
Be Here
Be fully engaged in all aspects of the learning process
Set Goals
Define and commit to measurable and achievable goals
Let Go and Move On
Resolve conflicts and accept that conflicts can lead to growth
Care for Self and Others
Nurture and develop empathy 

I see these principles at work in our classrooms, amongst colleagues and in our parent/guardian community. I also see students continually acquiring new academic skills and making strides in their social and emotional growth. At Brookside Place School our focus is on developing the whole child and to create a love of learning that will last a lifetime. We also enjoy the support of a strong and active Parent Teacher Association (PTA) which supports our staff and offers many fun activities for students. Some favorites include special activities for each grade and seasonal celebrations.

Please know that my door is always open to our families and to the Cranford community at large. 

Michael Klimko 


Brookside Place School 


[email protected]