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Suggested Student Supply Lists 2024 - 2025

Each year Brookside Place School provides families with suggested school supplies for the year. These lists are compiled by the teachers at each grade level and reflect their anticipated needs and plans for instruction. There are three ways parents/guardians may secure these items.
1. Print the list of supplies for your child's (or children's) grade for the 2024 - 2025 school year and shop at the stores of your choosing, either online or in person. These lists are available below.
2. Edlio, the platform for this web site, offers connections to either Amazon or Staples with the ability to pre-populate carts with many of the requested school supplies. These are available in the second entry below. 
3. The BPS PTA partners with the vendor School Tool Box as a service for families and fundraiser for the school. Using the QR code or the link you may access and purchase kits designed for each grade. These kits mirror the lists created by the teachers. Please see the third entry below. 
Thank you!
Printable lists
Edlio Supply Feature 
Auto populates items to an Amazon or Staples cart
School Tool Box
View the School Tool Box bundles here
You may also use the QR code in the flyer.
This both a service and a fundraiser for the BPS PTA. Your support is appreciated!