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School Nurse: Paula O’Hara, RN, MEd, CSN

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At Brookside Place School we are focused on being a caring, healthy community of students, staff and families. Please check here often for ideas and important information designed to keep our BPS community healthy. The Nurse's Corner will also feature monthly health and safety updates (see below). 


If you have a student to report absent, please call 908-709-6246 or email.


Be well, 

Nurse O’Hara


April Healthy Hints


April has arrived and so have spring allergies. If your child suffers from allergy symptoms, they are not alone.  Allergies affect up to 50 million Americans and account for an estimated 2 million missed school days. Children will usually develop allergies by the age of 10 years and the severity will peak by their early twenties.


While allergies make enjoying the outdoors a challenge, it is possible to  lessen  the symptoms by limiting or avoiding the allergens. 

  • Pollen counts are highest in the early morning so avoid outside play or activities until later in the morning or afternoon.  
  • After being outside, wash your hands and face and change your clothes since pollen remains on the fabric.  
  • Avoid line drying clothes outside.
  • Wear sunglasses to keep pollen from your eyes. 
  • Be aware of daily pollen counts at
  • Keep windows closed and use an air conditioner if possible, even in the car.  
  • If you are suffering from allergies, there are many medications for treatment of the symptoms. Consult your doctor for what would be best for you and/or your child.                          

Sometimes allergies may progress to other conditions such as conjunctivitis, sinus infections and asthma. If you or your child experiences purulent drainage from the eyes, severe headaches, runny nose with yellow discharge, wheezing or difficulty breathing contact your doctor for further treatment.                                                                                                   

If your child suffers during allergy season, feel free to contact me so we can work together to make them as comfortable as possible. Please remember that students are not allowed to self administer any medication.  All medications, including over the counter eye drops or nasal sprays, must be given to me with a doctor’s note. 

If your child’s allergies symptoms require them  to stay in at lunchtime, please send in a note or email me at [email protected]

Nurse Paula O’Hara RN, MEd, CSN